Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Stop: Maja's Magic School at The Annie Besant Lodge

The Annie Besant Lodge at the Theosophical Society 
2560 N. Beachwood Drive

Maja D'oust, Librarian at the Philosophical Research Society, holds cozy cabals on Eastern and Western mysticism monthly in the Annie Besant lodge. Her illuminating lectures will appeal to those who drool at the word 'alchemy,' with a penchant for rogue gurus and eccentric hoi polloi culled from the annals of esoterica. If that includes you, I'll gladly see you there.
The lodge is named after Annie Besant- feminist, Theosophist, socialist reformer- who was slightly off her rocker, but nevertheless managed to impart a great deal of legitimate knowledge on Eastern mysticism to the West before practices like yoga and meditation were so commonplace. You can visit her and her kinfolk at

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